Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The "No A**HOLE" Rules (Adopted from Bob Sutton's No A**Hole Book)

  1. SAY HI!
  2. No personal insults
  3. No invading one’s “personal territory”
  4. No Uninvited physical contact
  5. No Threats and intimidation, both verbal and nonverbal
  6. No “Sarcastic jokes” and “teasing” used as insult delivery systems
  7. No Withering e-mail flames
  8. No Status slaps intended to humiliate their victims
  9. No Public shaming or “status degradation” rituals
  10. No Rude interruptions
  11. No Dirty looks
  12. No headphones
  13. Don’t treat people as if they are invisible


  1. All people in the space are on the same level, no hierarchy

Leave Egos and Degrees at the Door

  1. The GWIC is an all inclusive space and no one should feel uncomfortable. That being said no matter what your title is, leave it at the door
  2. Foster a friendly and open environment
  3. We are all social innovators use this as a common ground for a strong community
  4. GWIC members/fellows will always include new members in conversations
  5. If you see someone new in the space offer the standard tour

Cleaning Up and “Resetting” the Space

  1. Working out of the GWIC is a privilege; Please leave it in better shape than you found it, clean up after yourself
  2. You are welcome to drink water or coffee out of our wonderful white cups but you must wash your cup before leaving
  3. You can move certain furniture around, however put it back in place
    • This does not apply to Yellow couch area and cushions
    • To reset the space refer to the floor plans posted on every wall in each room
  4. Everything in the space you can use but make sure you put it away and don’t accidentally take it with you
    • If any equipment goes missing we will have to open up an investigation with GWPD

Kitchen rules

  1. Since none of the GWIC members are professional dishwashers do your dishes and one more
  2. All food in the fridge will be thrown out every Friday at 6pm, clean out after yourself and do not leave a mess in the fridge
  3. If your food explodes in the microwave, clean it up
  4. Unfortunately our amazing coffee machine is leaking, please make sure to clean up if you see a spill coming from under the machine. Dump out used coffee grounds frequently to avoid bigger messes!

Noise in the GWIC

  1. Music will be played by the GWIC team. You are encouraged to suggest music/genre to the team.
  2. The GWIC is a creative community. We encourage you talk to members.
  3. Be respectful, no yelling, dirty/bad language
  4. GWIC is a non-partisan, non-political space.

Unconference Room Guidelines

  1. The unconference room is strictly reserved for GW Fellow Projects when privacy is needed
  2. There are some exceptions for partner Student Organizations etc.
    • For more info contact GWIC space manager

The GWIC Newcomer Tour

  1. The GW Newcomer tour is meant to welcome a new member in the space
  2. Record name and email address for future contact
  3. Introduce fellows and give them multiple points of contact
  4. Tour
    • Kitchen area and free coffee for people involved, fridge service, microwave
    • Cafe area showcase
    • Unconference room showcase and limited access to it
    • M06
      • Tour of the space in a clockwise direction show the boards with Fellow projects
      • Then the workstations
      • Computers
      • 3D printers
      • Husky Tool Chest
      • Vinyl cutter
      • Electronics station coming soon soon
      • Makerspace, when ready

Equipment and Materials

Equipment Reservations

  1. All equipment MUST be reserved before use. Email the GWIC at thegwic@gmail.com

Creating Stuff in the Innovation Center (and selling for profit)

  1. The GWIC encourages entrepreneurial and creative mindset
  3. The GWIC is a learning lab, we give the opportunity all students at GW campus to create in the GWIC. We encourage members to innovate for social good
  4. See GWIC space managers for more info

Computers in the GWIC

  1. The two computers in the GWIC M06 are strictly for 3D modeling
  2. DO NOT use these for social media and/or checking your email
    • You may use them for project specific work only

Use of Consumable Supplies

  1. “Consumables” are things in the GWIC that we run out of as people use them. Examples include wood, screws, 3d filament and resin, paper, etc.
  2. The GWIC strives to be a space where visitors can try out ideas, experiment, and innovate.
  3. “Normal Use” for consumables:
    • 3D filament: ⅕ of a 1kg spool (look at data on printer and take note of meters used)
      • Count failed “print jobs”
    • 1/4 Vinyl standard sheet
      • Count also failed “jobs”
  4. Beyond “Normal Use”, we recommend you purchase your own consumables

All Books in the Innovation Center

  1. These books are not owned by the University, owned by the GWIC team members, so they are not traditional check out
  2. Most of the books should be read in the GWIC; if you want to check one out please contact us



  1. Report all Emergencies to one of the GW Innovation Center Fellows (posted on the slide-show on the big TV) or the two co-directors
  2. In case of emergency call GWPD - (202) 994-6110
  3. The two Fire Extinguishers are located in the M06 behind the yellow sofa and next to the the workbench in the back corner of the room

First Aid Kit

  1. For serious injuries call 911 immediately
  2. Report all injuries to the GWIC Staff
  3. First aid kit is located under the desk below the PRUSA 3D printers