Outside the Box

Engineered Silk Disinfects Wounds

Outside the Box, Column 18

Early Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells

Outside the Box, Column 17

Skin Printer for Wound Repair

Outside the Box, Column 16

Robotic Apple Picker

Outside the Box, Column 15

Injectable Bandage

Outside the Box, Column 14

Cold Plasma Technology For Cancer Treatment

Outside the Box, Column 13

PETase Enzyme Breaks Down PET Plastic

Outside the Box, Column 12

Direct Production of Hydrogen from Sunlight

Outside the Box, Column 11

3D Printed Steel Bridge

Outside the Box, Column 10

Hydrogel Based Solar Water Purification

Outside the Box, Column 9

Innovative Thinking

Outside the Box, Column 8

High Powered Lithium-Air Battery

Outside the Box, Column 7

Nanowood Insulation

Outside the Box, Column 6

3D Bioprinting

Outside the Box, Column 5

Super Wood

Outside the Box, Column 4

Generative Design

Outside the Box, Column 3

3D Metal Printing

Outside the Box, Column 2

Real Innovation

Outside the Box, Column 1

About the Author

Randolph A. Graves, Jr.

President, Graves Technology Inc.

Dr. Graves has over 40 years experience in aerospace technology research, development, commercialization and management. He served for twenty-six years with NASA, finishing his career as the Director of the Aerodynamics Division in the Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology at NASA Headquarters. He has served on numerous managerial and technical panels and committees including being NASA’s member of the White House's Federal Coordinating Council on Science Engineering and Technology Subcommittee on High Performance Computing and as NASA's member of NATO's Advisory Group on Aerospace Research and Development, Fluid Dynamics Panel where he was Chairman of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Subcommittee.

Since leaving NASA, he has been the CEO and Chairman of several start-up companies and continues his technology consulting through Graves Technology Inc., a consulting company he founded in 1991 and has over the years assisted numerous clients in identifying, assessing, and evaluation technologies for commercialization. He has written over forty technology assessment analyses for international clients and completed a Grant from the Department of Energy on Software Technology Transfer. Dr. Graves was awarded a Sloan Fellowship at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business in 1982. During his career he has published over 60 scientific and technical reports, book sections, conference papers, and magazine articles. He is listed in the Oxford Who’s Who Elite Registry of Extraordinary Individuals, 1992-1993 and in the Sterling Who’s Who Executive Edition, 1994.

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