GWIC Overview

The GWIC is an open, interdisciplinary, collaborative space in education where we support innovation through direct learning experiences and real-world social engagements.

Established in 2016 as a student-centered entity, the GWIC operates as a passion-driven startup representing a radical new direction for experiential learning in higher education. We offer a broad range of scenarios and partnerships to create novel and valuable learning experiences for students from across the university. To do this, we engage in an open, free-flowing ideation process among students, faculty, staff, and our external partners.

The Innovation Center focuses on utilizing disruptive technology to make advances in education, healthcare and the environment. The cornerstone of our work is social engagement, a value closely linked to the practical nature of the problems we seek to address. The educational, opportunities created by our projects take learners outside of the confines of the classroom through immersive design and business planning processes that integrate science and art in new, creative ways.

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Our Community


At the local and global levels, we work with users and stakeholders to co-create positive social impact.


Combining disciplines from all ten GW schools, we approach solving complex issues by pairing many unique skill sets and minds.


Student initiated and led projects that turn textbook study into real-world experiences sit at the heart of our organization.

Our Team

Fellows organiser - Konstantin Mitic

Konstantin Mitic organiser - Sarah Shavin

Sarah Shavin organiser - Michael Ready

Michael Ready organiser - Isabella Sardegna

Isabella Sardegna organiser - Kaitlin Santiago

Kaitlin Santiago organiser - Connor West

Connor West organiser - Steven Brunetto

Steven Brunetto organiser - Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn organiser - Logan Bartholomew

Logan Bartholomew organiser - Mimosa Giamanco

Mimosa Giamanco organiser - Nam Tran

Nam Tran organiser - Ryan Steed

Ryan Steed

Fellows of Distinction organiser - Amb. Adras Simonyi, Ph.D

Amb. Adras Simonyi, Ph.D

Experts organiser - Annamaria Konya Tannon

Annamaria Konya Tannon organiser - Randy Graves, Ph.D

Randy Graves, Ph.D organiser - Erica Wortham, Ph.D

Erica Wortham, Ph.D

Our Partners

George Hacks

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